THE MARSHALLS | Brandon & Stefanie
The Marshall Woodshop is our family-run woodshop. Brandon, and wife, Stefanie, live in the greater Nashville area. Stefanie works in employee communications, while Brandon works in the entertainment/corporate production field. If asked what our greatest collaboration has been, our answer is our adorable son. See photo below. 
We have built relationships within our community with havesters and arborists in order to get the best local product possible. 

Brandon's passion is finding nature's true beauty in the imperfections and uniqueness of pieces that most woodworkers consider unuasable or firewood. Stefanie enjoys creating smaller pieces and collaborating with Brandon on his large projects.

Like our style but don't see what you're shopping for? We have access to an abundance of resources and are always excited by new ideas.  Please feel free to contact us with ideas, questions and orders.

We look forward to working with you to create a great piece that fits your family and your home.
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