FURNITURE | Tables & Chairs
Using the natural beauty of the wood provided by local arborists, we build pieces that can serve as art, as well as functional home furnishings. 

All pieces will be created to your specifications, ensuring the perfect table for your home or the most comfortable chair you'll own.
OTHER PRODUCTS | Kitchen & Decor
In addition to the large peieces, The Marshall Woodshop has many small items available for purchase, from cutting boards, bowls and other items for the kitchen to wall hangings and small pieces of furniture.
  1. Wine Rack
    Wine Rack
  2. Cutting Board
    Cutting Board
  3. Cat Tower
    Cat Tower
  4. Cutting Board
    Cutting Board
  5. Small Stool
    Small Stool
  6. Pallet Board Crate Shelves
    Pallet Board Crate Shelves